Thursday, 25 May 2017

Innovation is GREAT

With 77 Nobel prizes science and technology alone, Britain has always had a great reputation for innovation. Join Richard as he meets some of the people behind the amazing ideas and incredible technology that are keeping that reputation alive.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Creativity is GREAT

From art to architecture, from film to fashion, British talent leads the world. Richard goes in search of the sources of British creativity, and meets Batman, Queen Elizebeth and Puss in Boots along the way.
Part 1
From Wallace and Gromit to Ewan Mc Gregor, Britain's cinema is great. Richard visits the London Film Museum and finds out about the facilities for making film in the UK.


Part 2

Richard looks back at past masters of British creativity at Tate Britain and then comes right up to date with an introduction to Britain's great computer gaming scene.

Friday, 19 May 2017

English is GREAT

Perhaps Britain's greatest contribution to the world is not art or technology or sport, but the English language itself. Great Britain is home to the first language of business, science and travel. The story of English begins more than a thousand years ago, but its global importance means it is still making history now.
The story of English starts more than a thousand years ago. Richard goes to the British Library to hear - to see- how the language has changed over the years.

Green is GREAT

You might not think of Britain as a tropical country, but at the Eden Project they have their very own rainforest Richard learn about the centre's cutting-edge work in research and education, and pretends to be a bat for one of the world's rarest plants.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Britain is GREAT

Find out what is GREAT about Britain in these videos and improve your English. Suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.

Countryside is GREAT
Creativity is GREAT
English is GREAT
Entrepreneurs is GREAT
Green is GREAT
Heritage is GREAT
Innovation is GREAT
Knowlegde is GREAT
Literature is GREAT
Music is GREAT
Shopping is GREAT
Sport is GREAT

Countryside is GREAT

It's not just great cities Britain has to offer, from the breathtaking cliffs of the south coast to the wild, beautiful mountains of Scotland, Britain has some of the world's most dramatic landscapes.
To improve your English, suitable for intermediate to advanced.

Part 1

Britain's countryside is great, rich with lakes, mountains and monuments. Richard goes to the Lake District first before crossing the border to Wales.

Part 2

Richard continues his exploration of Britain's great countryside. He sees the lakes and muontain of Scotland and two of the world's natural wonders: the Giant's Causeway in Ireland and the magnificent Durdle Door in Dorset.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

It won't wash


  • to be unacceptable không thể chấp nhận được
  • not believe or accept someone's explanation, reason, attitude...
  • won't work


  • Don't think you can get credit without doing the work - that doesn't wash around here.
  • I'm sorry but all his charm just doesn't wash with me.
  • The boss's idea to work an extra hour everyday won't wash with the team - they'll be furious.
  • Just saying you've got a cold won't wash with your fans - they've paid a lot of money to come and see you perform. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

stiff upper lip


not show feeling when someone upset: kiên cường, kiên định, không nao núng, không lay chuyển được, dũng cảm lên, đừng nản chí


  1. He was taught to keep a stiff upper lip whatever happens.
  2. He tried to keep a stiff lip while watching Titanic because he didn't want to cry in font of his friends.

Go off the rails


to start behaving in a way that not generally acceptable, especially dishonestly: hỗn loạn, hoảng hốt


  1. He went off the rails in his twenties and started living on the streets.
  2. He went off the rails in his first year at university
  3. That would be off the rails in five minutes in an Oxford shop 
  4. Ethan went off the rails when he went to the burgh

Saturday, 15 April 2017

No matter versus Whether... or...

Để diễn đạt ý:
Dù cho bạn làm thế này hay thế kia, mọi thao tác đều được ghi hình để đối chiếu về sau.

Whether... or...

Ví dụ:
  1. Whether you're applying for an administrative assistant position or that of senior engineer, every candidate is screened by their potential boss, potential colleagues, a hiring committee, and finally Google CEO Larry Page.
    Dù bạn đang ứng tuyển một vị trí trợ lý hoặc kĩ sư cao cấp, mọi ứng viên đều được ghi hình bởi sếp tương lai, đồng nghiệp tiềm năng, hội đồng tuyển dụng và cuối cùng là TGĐ Google ông Larry Page.
  2. Whether you’re a learner, an experienced driver or a driving instructor, this book is packed full of advice that will help you stay safe on our roads.
    Cho dù bạn là người mới học lái xe, một lái xe có kinh nghiệm hoặc một người dạy lái xe, cuốn sách này được bao gồm đầy đủ lời khuyên mà sẽ giúp bạn giữ an toàn trên đường.

Lưu ý:

whether [or not] đặt phia sau một câu là một cấu trúc khác. Thường trong trường hợp này, nó được hiểu là: liệu rằng. Example:
At the moment, she wasn't sure whether she found all his concern touching or insulting.
Ngay lúc này, cô ta không chắc rằng liệu cô đã tìm tất cả những liên quan của anh ấy.

No matter how/what/when/where/who

No matter + who / what / where / when / how + (adj, adv) + S + V, main clause: dù có... đi chăng nữa... thì...
No matter how: dù thế nào đi nữa
No matter what: dù gì đi nữa
No matter where: dù ở đâu đi nữa
No matter when: dù lúc nào đi nữa
No matter who: dù là ai đi nữa
  • No matter how carefully you drive, you shouldn’t drink alcohol (cho dù bạn lái xe cẩn thận như thế nào đi chăng nữa thì cũng không được uống rượu)
  • Don't trust her,no matter what she says : đừng tin cô ta cho dù cô ta nói gì
  • No matter where you go, I will find you : cho dù em có đi đến đâu, thì anh cũng sẽ tìm em
  • No matter when he comes, we have to make sure everything is fine : dù anh ta đến lúc nào thì chúng tôi cũng phải bảo đảm rằng mọi thứ đều
  • No matter who he is, he is not allowed to enter this area : dù cậu là ai thì cũng không được phép vào khu vực này