This page is organised into common topics that you usually meet in English language courses. These topics are often discussed at lunch time, tea time or any moment of daily activities.
This blog accommodates a large amount of posts collapsed in these topics. The authors aim to add links to posts classified in a certain topic so they help audience learning and tracking easily.

Trang này được tổ chức thành các chủ đề phổ biến mà bạn thường gặp trong các khóa học tiếng Anh.

Topic 01: Health

Topic 02: Education

Topic 03: Culture

Topic 04: Technology

Topic 05: Globalisation

Topic 06: Sport

Topic 07: Work, Job, Career and Profession

Topic 08: Shopping

Topic 09: Weather

Topic 10: Religion

Topic 11: Music

Topic 12: Film

Topic 13: Book

Topic 14: Fashion and Clothes

Topic 15: Food

Topic 16: Holiday

Topic 17: Relationship

Topic 18: Accommodation

Topic 19: Government

Topic 20: Town and City

Topic 21: Physical Appearance

Topic 22: Modern Society

Topic 23: Personality

Topic 24: Business

Topic 25: Politics

Topic 26: Immigration

Topic 27: Earth

Topic 28: TV & Showbiz

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